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  • ribbon cutting ceremony

    CG Greenberg Attends Fuel Cell Energy Server Installation in Osaka

    March 9 – CG Greenberg joined Osaka Prefectural Governor Ichiro Matsui at the installation of a Bloom Energy server at the Osaka Prefectural Central Wholesale Market. The 1.2 megawatt server, which runs on solid oxide fuel cell technology, is the most powerful server of its kind to be in commercial use in Japan.

  • CG Greenberg and Mayor Nakayama

    Consul General Calls on Kyotango Mayor

    Feb. 27 - CG Greenberg made a courtesy call on Mr. Yasushi Nakayama, Mayor of Kyotango City. The CG thanked Kyotango residents’ welcome for Kyogamisaki Communications Site’s U.S. personnel, and praised Kyotango’s contribution to regional security and U.S.-Japan relations.

  • planting ceremony

    Friendship Blossoms in Ehime

    Feb 10 – Consul General Greenberg visited Uwajima Fisheries School in Ehime Prefecture for a planting ceremony for 100 of the 3,000 “Friendship Blossoms” dogwood trees gifted by the American people to Japan in commemoration of the 3,000 cherry trees Japan gave to Washington DC a century ago.

  • Kobe City

    Remembering the 1995 Kobe Earthquake

    Jan 17 – Twenty years after the devastating earthquake, Consulate General Osaka-Kobe remembers those who lost their lives in this tragic disaster and honors the survivors who have helped rebuild and revitalize the vibrant communities we live in today.

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  • Consul General Greenberg

    CG Greenberg Visits Hiroshima

    Dec 8 - Consul General Allen Greenberg visited Hiroshima, meeting with Mayor Matsui and Governor Yuzaki, attended a reception with the Japan-America Society of Hiroshima, and toured the Peace Memorial Museum and Honkawa Elementary School.


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